One of Northern California's Best
Tuesday market(June thru August) at Woodland Healthcare :
4:30pm - 7pm
Saturday's (Mid May to Mid Oct) at the Heritage Plaza area : 9am - 12pm
(530) 666-2626

The Woodland Farmers Market has all your LOCAL FARMERS in ONE LOCATION.
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Love your Tomatoes - They're good for your heart!

Tomatoes are one of the world's most famous foods. You can find it just about anywhere and people who love tomatoes- really, really love tomatoes. And their devotion is not without good cause; tomatoes help fight prostate cancer, help lower cholesterol and in general, protect your heart. So for those tomato lovers out there- tomatoes are definitely good for your heart. What is your favorite tomato? Find out by tasting all kinds of varieties at the tomato festival on August 8th!

Peaches Stop Strokes!

Why buy peaches at the farmers market?

Who knew the soft, sunset colored peach was such a powerhouse when it comes to stopping strokes? Not only that, but they also combat cancer, prevent, constipation, aid in overall digestion, and help with hemorrhoids.

When shopping for peaches, choose fragrant fruits which are unblemished and not overly firm. Because fresh peaches are highly perishable, don't buy more than you plan to use. Even when unripe, they spoil easily. Peaches that are greenish colored were probably picked too early should be avoided. Sweetness does not increase after picking, so ripe-picked fruit is always the tastiest. That is why you pruchase your fresh fruit at the local farmers market. The peaches are picked ready to eat!

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Opportunity to Gain
First Time Farmer Program.
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Saturday Farmers Market to be held directly on Main Street beginning May 9th, 2015! Read More

The Tuesday night farmers market at Woodland Healthcare will start June 2nd and continue through August.

Gift Certificates Available at The Woodland Farmers Market Read More

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Tuesday Market at Woodland Healthcare
Special thanks to Carole Pirruccello, Co-Trustee of the John and Eunice Davidson Fund. (click for more details)

Good News
WFM receives Non Profit Status
After a long two year wait, the Internal Revenue Service approved The WFM application for non-profit status... view pdf press release

Click here to meet the members of the First Board of Directors for The Woodland Farmers Market
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Programs & Incentives
Programs and incentives available at the Woodland Farmers Market
CalFresh - The Woodland Farmers Market accepts the Cal Fesh EBT cards. Simply visit the information booth...

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